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Classes run twice a week for each club. Students are recommended to attend twice weekly in order to progress. They are welcome to attend any suitable class at any of our clubs. Class times and venues are listed on the Bude and Okehampton pages.


Classes are generally focused on either the 'technical' side of the art, concentrating on learning the fine details of techniques, or the 'physical' side which is more about fitness, strength, stamina, suppleness and generating power into techniques, as well as sparring and self defence.


Tiger Classes are for juniors aged 4-8years although the upper age limit is flexible. Tae Kwon-Do skills are taught with the same syllabus as the grown-ups but with more games. These classes are usually 45 minutes long and there is a scheduled drinks/toilet break. Parents are welcome to stay and observe if they wish. These classes are predominately focussed on learning techniques but where demand exists we put on a separate 'phys' class for juniors to develop Tae Kwon-Do fitness.


Lower grade classes are for beginners, white belts, up to green belt level. All senior grades are welcome to attend these classes for revision of lower grade syllabus.


Higher grade classes are for fifth Kup green belts and above.


Family classes incorporate all grades, to make it easier for family members to train together.


Adult beginners sometimes find it easier to attend higher grade classes, simply because of working hours. 

We try to be as inclusive as possible but obviously we have to ensure that all students in our classes are not impeded in their learning.


If you have any questions then please do call and speak to Guy Southard.

Korean Martial Art

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